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Gemma Wade

Being a mother of two, I fully understand how difficult and tiring being a parent can be. I understand how precious our children are to us and my aim is to help parents give their children (and themselves) one of the best gifts they can – the ability to sleep.

My interest in children’s sleep originated from having my first baby, who was a truly terrible sleeper. At the time I hadn’t realised there was any help available and so I just accepted that having a baby meant having no sleep! I suffered with post-natal depression.

I then went on to have a second baby – another terrible sleeper and when she turned 6 months old I sought help as I could no longer function on such little sleep.  It was affecting my relationship with my son and my husband and teaching her to sleep well truly changed my life. I soon realised this depression was purely due to lack of sleep.  At this point I had become obsessed with sleep (or lack thereof) and this obsession led me towards a new career.

Teaching your child great sleep skills does not have to be traumatic, babies and children need to feel secure, safe and happy in order to sleep well and the methods I teach are gentle and caring, whilst still giving your child room to learn.

As a mother of two, I know how awful it feels when your child is awake all night but also how wonderful it feels when they are finally sleeping through the night. As your Sleep Consultant I will assess your child’s current routine and really get to know their needs and your concerns. I will then be able to help you implement a comprehensive Personalised Sleep Plan, specifically tailored to your baby. You will learn how to help your child to become confident, independent sleepers and in turn you will feel confident, empowered, supported and well rested.

I am based in the West Midlands but work with families from the UK and all over the world. If I am not able to visit you in your home we can just as successfully work together via Skype. I also know how difficult it is to find time in the day due to lack of childcare or work commitments and therefore offer evening and weekend consultations.

I have been personally trained by Karen Bramall, the founder of Baby Sleep the Night who has a decade of experience and whose methods have been used worldwide by thousands of families to quickly and easily solve their children’s sleep problems.

I’d be delighted to offer you a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your child’s needs and how I can help.