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Take a look at the happy parents who can now sleep!
Wallis, mum to Jax 13 months
I’ve been meaning to email for ages. I just wanted to let you know that Jax’s sleep has continued to be amazing and I can’t thank you enough for it. I have still never had to go back into his room to settle him. After his story routine he now loves snuggling straight down into his cot. We had a shaky few days a couple of weeks ago where he started crying when I put him down but I stuck to using the 10 minute timer and he always settled before that was up. I followed your Facebook tips for the clocks changing and had no problems. We also went away last weekend and he slept just as well there and settled just as quickly. I don’t dread bedtimes at all anymore as I always know he will go to sleep.
Natalie, mum to isla 16 months
After 16 months of sleepless nights we had succumbed to the fact that our baby was just a terrible sleeper and hoped it was something she would grow out of. After a recommendation from a friend we decided to give Gemma and go and haven’t looked back! The progress our baby made in just a few days was unbelievable without the need for ‘crying it out’. She now consistency sleeps through the night with fail. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemma to anyone. 
Sarah of a 2 year old boy Anders, they live in Kingswinford.
I want to say a massive thank you to Gemma, from both of us! Within 5 nights of following the plan, my little boy, who is 2, is now settling himself to sleep at night and having a full 12 hours uninterrupted sleep. This is life changing for me after waking up any time from 4am onwards. He is like a different baby! And I am like a new woman! My little one slept till 7.45am today, I am in shock! I joked that all I wanted for Christmas was a good nights sleep and that’s what I’ve got!
We also did away with his dummy, which was probably the thing I was most daunted by but I can honestly say it’s been the best thing for us.
I would urge anyone who is considering using Gemma to go for it! She is helpful and supportive and has been in contact with me everyday even though we have done our plan over New Year.

I just wish we had done this sooner.

Thank you Gemma 😊
Suu in London, mum to 9 month old Marcus.
I would like to say thanks so much for all your effort supporting and helping me to implement the sleep program with our 9 month old son. He adapted so well in such a short space of time, and was able to self soothe, sleep through the night from 7am to 7pm and also have consistent naps each day at the same time!!!
I would definitely recommend your service to other parents that I know, as you were so helpful and knowledgeable to help make this all happen!
Sarah, mum to 1 year old Lily, Mayo Ireland
Our daughter was a week past her first birthday, she is my second and it took me 3 years to get my son to sleep. I was a few weeks off going back to work and from Christmas and pretty broken.
She woke 5 times plus a night and ‘demanded’ aka screamed until I gave her some bottle and over the night she sometimes would have 3 bottles. Lily had developed a habit of making herself sick by placing hand in mouth to get attention when she wanted to get out of cot or high chair and I was lost on how to manage it. I had done some reading when she was younger (because my son was horrific) and had attempted to train (patting back, watering down milk, trying to resettle), nothing really worked and definitely not for long. She napped at what was supposed to be ‘the right times’ according to well known baby sleep apps etc. She went to bed when she was supposed to and I was spending an hour plus getting her to actually sleep and she’d be crying within 2 hours again. While trying to fend back my older toddler and get him to bed and eat myself and then attempt some ‘me’ time…..clearly it didn’t happen. I couldn’t see what a sleep trainer could do more…but as I said before I was broken, tired, depressed and at my limit.
I called Gemma on the Thursday, we agreed to our review/implement call on the Sunday morning. That night I was prepared for 5/10 days of awful. Night one to get her to sleep it took about 60-90 mins, not easy at points but we stuck to it. She briefly woke twice that night but we followed the advice and we didn’t have to get out of bed as she self settled….she slept to nearly 6am (it had been 5am for months)….I couldn’t believe it, Night 1! I was prepped for night 2, it had to be awful right…nope! She went to sleep within 20mins….and didn’t wake all night…that was circa 3 weeks ago and I’ve had to get out of bed once in that whole time…. so in short, the best money we’ve  ever spent. It’s changed our whole family life and enabled me to start working out how I can become me again!
Gemma, mum to Lela, 3.5 years old. hertfordshire
Gemma was easy to talk to, listened to our challenges and took time to understand our outcomes. She developed a really simple but effective plan that has given us the principals and routine we needed. Our 3.5yr old is finally capable of falling asleep on her own and in her own bed all night. Something we didn’t think was possible and has had such a positive impact on our whole family. Thank you so much Gem xx
Emma, mum to Esmae 3 and Grace 6, Blackpool
After continuously moaning to my best friend about my children, 6 and 3 year old girls. I’ve always had to sit with my 6 year old since she moved into a “big girl ” bed and it was the normal thing to do also one small complication is she is deaf and thought she needed the reassurance of been there. My 3 year old cottoned on to this so would play me to sit in the room with until she fell asleep. This could take up to an hour by then my 6 year old was looking for me and disturbing my 3 year old.  So for ease we put them in the same room which we thought would stop my 6 year old walking the night coming into our room. 
After some time and still having the odd nap, my 3 year old would play me and still be up at 10pm….. after 3 months both my husband and I were getting fed up with this… so my friend suggested Gemma.
I messaged Gemma and within 20 mins Gemma had messaged back. We arranged a telephone call and Gemma was amazing listening to everything I was struggling with getting my children to sleep. We arranged a consultation and within 24 hours Gemma had put my children’s sleep plan together. 
Gemma was at the end of the phone to answer any questions I had about my sleep plan and the first night was much easier than i thought!  I thought this can’t be right. I followed the plan set out and with Gemma’s encouragement and plan I now have 2 children who fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night! 
Gemma is really easy to talk too, understands what your saying she’s reassuring and firm when she needs to be. Gemma is very easy to contact. 
With Gemma’s help we finally have evenings back to ourselves again! 
Gemma proved that routines do work … she’s proof of that. 
I would recommend Gemma highly, and her services and what she offers! 
Many thanks for all your help Gemma!  
Lisa mum to 6 month old Aiden from Iver  
Life changing!…. we have two boys a 7-month-old and an almost 3yo…before Gemma I was basically feeding my baby every 1-2 hours all night long (breastfeeding so husband could not help even though he wanted to) and was not napping well or consistently in the day. I was also always worried about waking my older son Aaron up with the cries over night or early in the morning. We were all super exhausted including the boys. My husband and I were mentally drained and exhausted. I was not myself and I felt like I was being a terrible short fused mum, wife and person as I was essentially torture-tired! 
I reached breaking point and decided to seek help, looking at sleep help in the middle of the night I found baby sleep the night, reviewed the consultants (who all seem amazing) and decided to go with Gemma as her background resonated with me. 
Gemma was fantastic! we saw results on the first night, it was a little hard for about an hour but it was not leave them to cry it out process. It was about being present but still allowing your baby to adjust to the change. Aiden has literally slept through the night since (its been almost 6 weeks since this first night). I stopped feeding him during the night that first night too and never again since. Gemma gave us a routine to follow after hearing our scenario and was so supportive. She was available throughout the 2 weeks, would reply immediately or send messages all the time. Adjustments were made along the way, support and advice when needed based on any scenario given e.g. starts waking early. 
Aidens naps also fell into place – maybe took longer than the night sleep but also started sleeping good naps within a few days and now he is having his full naps … it’s like he loves sleep but never knew it! 
In the couple of weeks after Gemma’s support and guidance I felt more confident in how to make adjustments and also understand his sounds (moans and cries) with regards to when to react and when to wait. It feels amazing to finally have unbroken sleep and we are all so much happier and ourselves again. Even Aaron gets more sleep now. 
I cannot recommend seeking help enough. I wish I did with my first son and every opportunity I get I tell my story. It feels like we are failing if we ask for help but it is not easy and its not failing! Gemma is so lovely, understanding and supportive and I am so happy we did not break her 100% success streak! Please Please get the support, you won’t regret it and it will give you your life and mental health back.  
Sarah mum to Edie, 10 months old, Worcestershire
Thanks again so much! Edie is still sleeping well and we are new people for it!
At 10 months, our daughter stopped sleeping in her own bed after we let her sleep in our bed for a few nights when she was poorly. We contacted Gemma, as we were at our wits end and were feeling like we were going to just be one of those families that don’t sleep well. Gemma worked with us from the very first first phone call and taylored the sleep plan to our family. Gemma was there for us throughout the process. She was understanding, supportive and made changes  the plan to us throughout, to suit our daughter’s sleep. Our daughter now is able to put herself to sleep, sleeps through the night and wakes up happy. She is calmer and happier through the day and we are no longer tired! 
Rachael mum to 4 month old Ty
When we first called Gemma I had got to the point that I was feeding Ty to sleep every time he woke up and I was co-sleeping with him at night, something that was causing me great anxiety. I was generally very anxious due to lack of sleep. We had tried to sleep train Ty before with the help of my mum, who sleep trained me, but we had limited success and I felt I really needed the support of someone who had more experience and expertise. Gemma provided us with a very comprehensive plan which was totally foolproof, we quickly realised some mistakes we were making. Her plan made it impossible for us to fall back to old bad habits. We were able to sit with Ty while we were training him. I was really nervous about starting so I told my husband he had to do night 1. When he came into the kitchen after 20 minutes and told me he was asleep I was gobsmacked. He had fallen asleep on night 1 quicker than he had been with me feeding him to sleep. Night 2 I was even more gobsmacked when he slept through the night without a peep. Since night 2 he has slept through for 12 hours every night! He does 2 2 hour naps a day and a 45 min one. Sometimes he cries because he is tired but calms as soon as I lay him in his bed. He even settles really easily in new places, including our camper van. Sleep is no longer an issue for us, we just get on with our lives. I get to spend the evening with my husband and I am no longer an anxious mum, I am thoroughly enjoying motherhood and feel I can be present and engaged with Ty everyday. Gemma was really supportive and I am so glad we got it done when he was 4 months instead of wasting years of mine and my child’s life being tired.

Lucy mum to Albie, west midlands

Our baby was almost 5 months old when we first reached out to Gemma. We were both extremely sleep deprived and knew we couldn’t carry on with the way things were. From a young age we’d had problems with Colic and found the only way to get him to sleep would be a sling, rocking, feeding or walking him until he fell asleep on us, we would then have to get him into his cot without waking him. He’d wake not long after being put down and the whole drama would start again. From around 2am he would be up every hour wanting milk or comfort.
Day time naps were all over the place and he’d often scream when going into the pram or car if he was tired. It felt like a never ending battle we found ourselves sick of talking about sleep and how tired we were. Albie was cranky and often had meltdowns if we tried to take him anywhere.
By almost 5 months we knew we had to do something not only for us but for him. He didn’t know how to go to sleep and I remember the phone call with Gemma, I was nervous but desperate to get started. Once we had the consultation we committed 100% to the plan. The first time Albie got himself to sleep on night one was hard but we stuck with the plan from then on he has been amazing. It was almost like he just needed a chance to figure it out by himself. He decided sleep was the best thing in the world. He sleeps between 10-11 hours every night now. It’s magical!
We were amazed at how quickly he was going to sleep independently, it can take as little as 5 minutes, whereas before we’d spend 30 plus minutes trying to get him to sleep. He puts himself to sleep for all of his naps which have improved massively. The biggest improvement is that he is a happier, calmer baby. Our family and friends have noticed how much happier Albie is and in turn we are happier, as we are no longer sleep deprived and can enjoy our little boy. He now sleeps in the car and pram.
Having the guidance and advice from Gemma has literally changed our lives. We’ve now got the confidence to have family come and babysit so we can go out for a meal. We’ve also booked our first family holiday!
We would recommend Gemma to anyone who has a little one not sleeping well. It is life changing. Thank you from all of us!

Laura mum to 3 month old 

We used Gemma when my son was 3 months old. Since he was born he never really settled anywhere other than on me,  he hated the moses basket. I slept on the setee for 4 weeks with him on my chest, which was the hardest thing ever. 

Every time he was tired he would scream for about 20 mins, we would rock him, give him a dummy and play white noise to settle him. As soon as we put him down he would wake up and we would have to go through the same process again. It was heartbreaking to see him so upset. Everynight was so different. We would try and get into a routine and it wouldn’t happen. I felt my 4 yr old daughter was losing time with us and it was starting to affect our family. The mornings were just as bad trying to do the school run was horrendous, some mornings i didn’t have time to brush my teeth. We were all over the place.

My friends had used Gemma and she came highly recommended. I discussed it with my partner and told him i couldn’t carry on like this anymore. It was killing me, and i felt so guilty for my daughter even tho she was fine. I had my 15 min chat with Gemma and straight away i felt a connection, and she understood. We booked in the consultation and my bf booked time of work so we could start it. We started on the Tuesday night after our consultation. On the 2nd night he slept through from 7 til 7 with no bottle. I was awake all night panicking lol. We couldn’t believe it. We started with his naps to. It was the hardest but best thing we have done. We are nearly 3 weeks into our routine and things are amazing. He has 3 naps in his cot between 1 -2 hrs. He is drinking all of his bottles, he wakes up happy and refreshed smiling. He is still sleeping through of a night between 11-12 hrs even through the heatwave we have had. The impact this has had on our family is unbelievable. We get quality time with both children now and enjoy cuddles, were as before it was always to get him to sleep. My partner and I now have time together on an evening and can eat together and relax. My mental health is so much better. We put our son down awake and no dummy and there is no crying anymore he goes to sleep. If he does wake up he settles himself back to sleep.

Gemma has been a great support through this process and has given us and our son the gift of sleep. She was on holiday and still emailing us and checking in. This has been the best thing we have ever done for our family. I can’t recommend her enough. Pls don’t struggle through. There is help xxx

Liz mum to 7 month old George
We contacted Gemma as our 7 month old son, George was waking every hour through the night as he couldn’t self soothe. I was breastfeeding him to sleep and had to feed him each time he cried in the night to ensure we got some kind of rest. He did not have regular nap times during the day and all of this was putting a lot of strain on our family. Gemma tailored a plan for us and in a very short space of time George started sleeping through the night as well as having good quality naps at consistent times during the day. We can now put him down wide awake and he will get himself to sleep without any external aid within a couple of minutes; it’s incredible! Gemma is an amazing person, one of life’s special souls. She is so knowledgeable, professional and caring and has a passion for helping people in our situation. If you are struggling with any kind of baby and toddler sleep issues do not hesitate to contact Gemma. She will guide and support you through a process that will change your lives and give your baby or child “the gift of sleep”.

Caroline, mum to Olivia 5 months old, Worcestershire 

Right from birth Olivia never slept well or napped much more than 20 minutes at a time, even when being held. I would usually have to pace around for endless amounts of time just to get her off to sleep for her to wake straight back up as soon as I stopped. From four months she was waking at least 6 times throughout the night, sometimes even after 45 minutes where she would wake up screaming & would struggle to settle whatever I did. Things became desperate & started to impact on our family life. 

When I got in touch with Gemma I wasn’t expecting Olivia to go through the night, I would have been happy with one or even two wakes, I just needed some chunks of sleep in order to survive!  

Gemma was absolutely amazing & tailored a plan for a more gentle approach which was important to me. Olivia took to it so well that within a couple of days she was only waking once & by day five she just naturally dropped her feeds altogether as she wasn’t waking for them, she even had up to two hours at nap times which had never happened before! 

The whole time Gemma was on the other end of the phone to guide me along the way & that additional support made all the difference if things changed or needed to be adapted, but mostly just to have that reassurance & someone to check in with you. 

The greatest thing to come from it has been the change in her. She is now a completely different baby, so much happier & content. I can’t thank Gemma enough for all her help & support & I urge anyone who is struggling to reach out & not to suffer in silence, it certainly saved me! 

pexels-anastasiya-gepp-3995919 (1)
Maggie mum to 11 month old baby Xavier London
We contacted Gemma when our 11 month old son was struggling to sleep at night more than 3 hours, I was not breast feeding but feed him solids from 6 months and he drank formular milk from 3 months. So many people gave us different advise. I struggled with sleeping and couldn’t take it anymore. A friend suggested to contact a sleeping consultant, Gemma. I explained that I am  really struggling and explained every detail. Gemma came up with a plan. I was reluctant at first only because I tried everything. The 1st night he slept 6hours straight…. now he is sleeping 11 hours at night. I finally got my life back and feel rested. I cannot believe it! I am amazed with Gemma’s work/plan. The good thing is that she was contactable with any thing I didnt understand or needed re assurance. Gemma held my hands all the way. 2 weeks later he has a routine that works and he is more calmer. I am sooo grateful Gemma. All mothers out there, do not struggle. I promise you it works! it is worth every penny!.
Matt and Emma parents to Marley 8 months West Midlands 

We contacted Gemma when our baby boy was 7.5 months old after coming across her page on Google after one particularly bad night. He wasn’t a terrible sleeper for a newborn but at around 3 or 4 months the sleep regression hit and he never recovered. We’d tried desperately for months to form some sort of routine but nothing was working and he was still waking through the night, sometimes hourly and never more than 3 hours. Co-sleeping and feeding him to sleep were the only ways for us to get any rest but we knew it wasn’t sustainable. Every day we were absolutely exhausted and struggling to have enough energy to get through the day.

We got ourselves a bit confused about the right thing to do, we needed some clarity and Gemma made every step so easy for us to follow the plan. We put all our trust into Gemma’s routine and it’s the best decision we ever made. She was easy to talk to, flexible, down to earth and she’s amazing at what she does. We started to see improvements even on the first night and after two weeks he was sleeping through the night consistently.

Not only are the nights better, he’s like a different baby in the day. From being overtired and a little hyperactive, he’s now more content and rested and will actually sit and play with his toys or stay for a cuddle. 

After 8 difficult months thanks to Gemma we now have our life back and even feel confident enough in his new sleeping abilities to arrange our first date night since before he was born, something that seemed a million miles away two weeks ago. She has literally changed our lives and arguably saved our relationship.

If you are struggling, please contact Gemma. You will not regret it.